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Silva Rogério
Activitée : Graphiste
Expérience : Professionnel
Sexe : Homme
Age : 36 ans
Pays : Portugal
Ville : Porto
Site :
Stat : 4 visites ce mois ci.
I'm a traditional artist, doing works in different types of techniques, such as charcoal, graphite, pastel, sepia and oil.
I try to use seeart as a promotional web site.

I'm experienced in making realistic portraits, facial or full body, that can be framed, make a gift of them, or used in portfolios. Women, specially, love to receive portraits as gifts ;)

Normally the portraits are done by a digital photography sent by email from the client.
When the work as been done i send, by email, a photography of the portrait, only when the client has pleased the work will be send.

I also can draw some free charcoal portraits, mostly to use online. If you are interested please contact.

Hope to find some clients, learn with other artists and be inspired by photographers

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